What is an "engaging art experience"?

To me, Megan Rhodes, this means helping people or businesses create art that has a deeper meaning or purpose behind it. Essentially, I am an art facilitator. I bring my extensive experience as a photographer, artist, framer, wood worker and installer to creating photography-based art for homes and businesses, both small and large. This is a fully customized process and is different for everyone. The foundation is the same: Photography and Art.  What I focus on is bringing images from the lens into the world, from digital into a tangible reality, whether they be my own images, your images or the images of your 2,000 employees. What I hope to create from working together is something bigger than the sum of all parts: art that moves and inspires people, and an experience that will be remembered.



Original Art:

Many clients come to me and say I need a new piece of art for this wall. I visit their home or business, see the space and offer suggestions. Based on that conversation we create art specifically designed for that space. We usually work from my own library of images, however, I can also help you select images of yours and create work that is completely personalized to your own space.

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My most popular program for businesses is managing staff or customer photo contests and creating art from the best images selected. I guide the process from the initial request for submissions, through organizing images and setting up a system for voting, to tallying votes and selecting the winners. Finally, those winners are printed, framed and installed in the facility creating a unique collection.

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One of the most exciting things about this time is the ability for anyone, or everyone, to make fabulous images themselves. For companies with a loyal customer base or an active staff rewards program, or for people who are wanting to learn more about the capture and processing of images, I have a number of personalized workshops and photography experiences for everyone to enjoy.

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